Design Thinking

Leadership Coaching

Thought Leadership

Design Thinking for Leaders

A one day workshop providing an overview of design thinking and introducing key elements and processes of this approach. Participants leave with strategies they can implement straight away, and an understanding of how design thinking could amplify their current endeavours.

Design Thinking - Your Way

We work with individuals and organisations to customise a design thinking approach that meets their goals and aspirations. We build on existing change processes with new tools and strategies taken from the world of design.

Leadership Coaching

Coaching is either online or face to face

Inquiry Coaching

Long term impactful coaching around a specific area of leadership

Co-designed for an individual or team


Short-term support to solve a specific challenge

Co-designed outcomes agreed at the start

Individual or team


Immediate advice and support to navigate a critical event.

Thought Leadership

Weekly Blog Posts

Futures Thinking


Leading in a time of unprecedented change

Understanding and unpacking emerging technologies

Futures PLG

​Small online professional learning group discussing 5 emerging technologies over the course of 5 weeks

Futures Workshops

Customised or co-designed to your requirements, Facilitated discussion of emerging technologies

New Zealand


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