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"Thursday Thinking"

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  • Carolyn Stuart

Introducing Weaving Futures

Updated: Jan 25, 2019

Weaving Futures is a company committed to supporting people and organisations to successfully navigate towards their preferred future. Our mission is to bring equity to communities by creating strategies and processes designed to weave together the elements critical for success.

We are living in a time of unprecedented change. We stand on the cusp of the fourth industrial revolution, an era of artificial intelligence, robots, self-driving cars, blockchain. The pace of change is starting to accelerate exponentially and we are witnessing the growing pains of societies all over the world trying to adjust to technological advancements that at times are moving faster than the legislation and frameworks to manage them. The reality is that many of our social and political systems are starting to fail us.

But it is not all doom and gloom. Humans have never had it as good as it is now. The technological advancements of the last fifty years have made us way more productive, creative and inventive. As I sit here writing this blog post my washing machine and clothes dryer are doing the equivalent of a day’s work for my mother, the world’s knowledge is at my fingertips and I NEVER want to go back to writing with a pen and paper because my computer lets me write, and rewrite until I am satisfied with the result.

So what about the future? Here are some things I know to be true:

  • The future is not a fixed point - it is ours to create

  • We cannot know the future for certain but by studying trends we can predict a probable future

  • The future is something to navigate together - whenever we do something for others but without them we are actually doing it to them.

  • Honouring the past, being mindful of the present and keeping an eye on what is coming will take us to our preferred future.

  • Weaving together the past and the present allows our preferred future to emerge.

As we hurtle towards the fourth industrial revolution and artificial intelligence, autonomous vehicles and distributed ledgers start to impact many areas of our lives what is going to be your response? Are you going to passively sit back and let the future happen to you and your organisation or are you going to take the affordances of this emerging technology and use it to bring abundance in all areas of your life. The choice is yours and Weaving Futures is here waiting to help you.

If you are excited about how Weaving Futures might help you with your ‘now’ so that you are ready for your ‘next’ then please reach out to [email protected] or call +64274349865.

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