Design Thinking

Design Thinking is a human-centred framework for problem-finding and problem solving. It provides a disciplined approach to innovation, balancing the needs of users with possibilities derived from professional knowledge and experience.

Learning to be a Design Thinker

Weaving Futures teaches Design Thinking through hands on practical workshops linked to our participants' context. We use a practical customisable framework to ensure that people leave our workshops confident and competent in the use of the approaches we teach.

"It is always really nice to come away from PD with a practical skill or strategy to add to our kete. I will be able to utilise what you have shown us and I know from talking with others we all felt the time spent was well worth it."       ~ Helen Bonis, Golden Sands School   

Design thinking strategies we teach include:

  • Gaining empathy

  • Making sense of insights

  • Planning and prioritising for action

  • Value mapping

  • Brainstorming

  • Prototyping, testing and refining

  • Piloting minimum viable solutions

  • Scaling ideas that work

  • Driving momentum

Design Thinking and Spiral of Inquiry 

Many schools are interested in using Design Thinking to support teacher inquiry.

This is how Design Thinking maps to the Spiral of Inquiry.

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